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Torneria Dal Lago was born in the 80s and has evolved during the years thanks to the quality of its products, resulting from craft knowledge, and thanks to its ability to satisfy the clients' needs.

The will to improve has led the company to specialize in manufacturing different types of materials such as: iron, steel, brass, aluminium and pvc. Thus the company has established itself in the market of home furniture, display boxes and elements, as well as in the mechanical components market

The new production site of 4.500 square meters was inaugurated in 2010. New generation machines have been installed allowing to maintain competitive prices and a stable position in the market.

Torneria Dal Lago performs aluminium double-head cutting, processing of profiles up to 4 meters with numerically control machines and processing of bars by using control or automatic lathe machines, and CNC sliding-head lathe.

In addition, Torneria Dal Lago has vibro-finishing machines preparing products for chromium and nickel coating, varnishing, galvanizing, bronzing and aluminium oxidation.
Thanks to its flexibility, our company guaranties the industrial packaging of products with semi-automatic machines to ensure the integrity of product during deliveries to clients.